How to Use the Free Paribus App to Get Price Adjustment Refunds

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Free Paribus App to get price adjustment refunds

Have you ever ordered something just to find out the price dropped just a few days after you purchased? If you’re lucky, you can go back into the store and ask for a price adjustment refund. Yes, some of the bigger stores do that sort of thing.

The issue is, it can be very difficult to keep up with what you purchase, where you purchased it, and then monitor the prices for the next several days to see if you can get a discount. Luckily, there is a free app that can do it for you.

For one reason or another, most of us won’t file a claim to receive a refund. Now, you can use Paribus to automatically scan your purchases for price protection refunds and get more money in your wallet without working any harder.

What is Paribus?

Paribus is an app that analyzes your e-mail receipts from 30 retail merchants and will monitor the prices of the items you purchased. If a price drops within the window to file a price adjustment claim, Paribus will automatically submit the claim and your credit card is refunded the appropriate amount.

Another cash back feature that Paribus just introduced is claiming a shipping refund when packages do not arrive on the promised date. Currently, this is only available when you shop Amazon or Walmart. But, it is another way to save money when you pay extra for expedited shipping and it arrives late. Once again, Paribus will automatically submit the refund claim for you.

Paribus is free to download and use. When they find refunds, they will keep 25% of the savings as a success fee. As a bonus, your first refund is fee-free. So far, Paribus has helped 1.5 million users monitor their purchase history for cash back opportunities without having to lift a finger.

Paribus Monitors Your Purchase Prices

Some of Paribus’ partners include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Home Depot, Staples and several leading fashion retailers such as J. Crew, Old Navy, and Gap. Each store has different price adjustment claim prices. For example, Amazon might only permit the credit when the price drops within seven days of the purchase date while another retailer will refund the price difference for 14 days.

Times you might receive a refund is when an item goes on sale or the retailer simply lowers the everyday price. Unless it can result in a significant savings amount, most people are probably not going to file a claim to get $5 back. It’s probably safe to say that most of us probably won’t even look at the future prices of items we just purchased and won’t even know the price changed.

Delivery Monitoring Service

In the last couple years, real-time tracking of online orders has greatly improved. It used to be that you had to type the tracking number into the shipper website each evening and hope the package had been scanned to indicate its most recent location. Now retailers are beginning to send you e-mails when orders ship, delayed, or delivered. And, you can get real-time e-mail and text message updates.

While free 2-day shipping is becoming more commonplace, not every store offers it. If you want your purchase quickly, you need to pay extra. When you pay extra for shipping, you expect the delivery person to arrive the day the store says it will be there.

Paribus has partnered with Amazon and Walmart to monitor the tracking numbers in addition to the product prices of your recent purchases. If your shipment is delayed, Paribus will automatically request a refund when the delivery date was guaranteed.

Each retailer has different refund policies and it most likely won’t apply to third-party shippers that don’t meet the shipping deadline. But, it’s another way you can save money when your order experience isn’t perfect.

How Paribus Monitors Your Purchases

For Paribus to work, you will need to link your e-mail account so they can monitor the invoices received from the retail partners. If you have more than one e-mail address that you shop with, you will need to create multiple accounts.

The easiest way to make this work is to just create a free Gmail email address just for your purchases and nothing else. This will then allow you to hook into Paribus and have them monitor just your shopping receipts instead of your personal emails. This is a work-around that many Paribus users have used in the past and it works well.

Paribus will monitor your e-mails in real-time looking for digital receipts. They will continue to monitor the prices for several weeks and will send you an alert when a price drops and you are eligible for a credit. Even if Paribus cannot get a refund directly from the merchant, they can tell you if the purchase is eligible for a purchase protection credit from your credit card.

To receive a credit, you will need to link the credit card you used for the purchase to your Paribus account. You will receive an e-mail telling you how much of an adjustment credit you will receive minus the 25% success fee. This excludes your first refund you receive as it is fee-free.

You can receive refund alerts using the Paribus iPhone app. The app will display your refund history and also show how other Paribus users have saved money recently.

Paribus and Amazon

For Paribus to monitor your Amazon purchases, you will need to link your Amazon account. This is how they track these purchases for purchase price adjustments and shipping delay credits.

If you regularly buy from Amazon, you probably know how prices can change on an almost daily basis for certain products. Paribus can be a great way to monitor the purchase prices whether you order once a month or once a week from Amazon.

Is Paribus Secure?

With any app, there is always the concern about security. Paribus doesn’t keep your confidential e-mail or credit card information on file. They only pull the required purchase information from your e-mail like the order number, order date, item numbers, and item purchase price.

In regards to your credit card information, all transactions are completed using Stripe, and Paribus doesn’t keep the full card details on file.


If you do any amount of online shopping from one of the 30 merchants that partner with Paribus, you will save money. Most shoppers wouldn’t know they were eligible for this money if apps like Paribus didn’t exist. While this app might not exactly make you rich, the savings can add up to a significant amount. All you have to do is signup and Paribus does all the hard work for you!

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