Perseverance Breeds Success

Perseverance breeds successNo matter what your goal, or how long it takes you to get there, the chances of you succeeding at your goal is based largely on your willingness to persevere.  Why is it that perseverance breeds success?  Let’s start with the definition of perseverance.  Dictionaries defines perseverance this way:

Perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

Grayson and I can both identify with the practicing of perseverance.  Like Grayson has already achieved, my husband and I are working to pay off a large debt load.  Grayson and I also have another thing in common: purchasing houses that, although we did everything right (i.e., got inspections, etc..) are turning out to be more expensive than we bargained for via repairs.

It’s easy to get down and out when you’re faced with a pain in the a** situation, such as dumping a boatload of debt, working on a colossal home repair, or dealing with an infestation of carpenter ants. 🙂

But allowing yourself to stay down and out won’t remedy the situation.  Perseverance, however, will.  Today I’ll share how an attitude of perseverance breeds success for nearly any goal.

How Perseverance Breeds Success

Perseverance breeds success because the person who chooses to persevere, the one who practices “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success” eventually learns that they CAN choose to continue on with their goals.  They learn that they have a choice as to whether to move on or to give up when their goals meet roadblocks.  Here are some other ways that perseverance breeds success:

Perseverance Builds Strength

Mental strength or physical strength – however you choose to use it.  Perseverance is what drives you to bench that extra 20 pounds at the gym or run that extra mile as you train for a race.  Perseverance helps to train your mind to understand that you are stronger than you think you are.

When you feel like giving up or quitting that forward motion toward your goals, use perseverance to remind yourself that you are strong, both in mind and in body.

Perseverance Refuses to Quit

Perseverance breeds success because perseverance refuses to quit.  Practicing perseverance is the art of learning to say “yes” when you want to say “no”, and to say “no” when you want to say “yes“.  The only way to truly fail, as they say, is to stop trying. Choosing to persevere is essentially saying that you refuse to quit.  It’s difficult, sometimes, especially when it feels like you’re encountering one roadblock after another.  You’re training for that marathon and the wind starts blowing against you.  Then it starts to rain.  A cold front comes in and it’s the last straw.  You want to say “Screw it.  I’m not doing this anymore“.  This happens often during a debt payoff journey.  An extra bill comes.  Or a job layoff.  It’s easy to quit, but if you’ve learned to practice perseverance, you say “Hell no!  I will NOT quit.  This goal is more important to me than that.

If you have a lofty goal to achieve, you will indeed meet roadblocks.  It’s at that point that you can choose to quit, or choose to persevere and bring those goals to a successful completion.  What will you choose?

What lofty goal are you working toward right now?  How do you handle roadblocks to those goals?

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  1. Petrish @ Debt Free Martini says:

    Very inspirational post. If you read about getting out of debt online, some of the authors may make it seem really easy, but its not. You have to work on getting rid of the bad habits that got you in your financial mess and that is not easy. I agree that if you tough it out it will be so worth it. Perfect post for hump day.

  2. Fighting debt can really be tough. We just have to make sure that we have enough in our emergency funds so we have one less excuse not to quit.

  3. Awesome post!! No matter what you do in life, you are going to hit roadblocks and stumble along the way. if you give up, you have 100% chance of never reaching your goals. But if you pick yourself up and dust yourself off, you have a chance.

    I always remind myself of this when I stumble. I can either give up and never reach my goal or I can keep trying and have the shot at achieving it.

  4. Very true. If you easily get discouraged and quit when you encounter difficulties and disappointments, you will never get anywhere. Practice patience and perseverance and in due time, reap the rewards.