Don’t Cry For Money, It Doesn’t Cry For You

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Crying Over Money

Money is one of the major factors in our quality of life. The amount of money we have, or lack thereof, can make or break us. It is sad that this is the case, but it simply is what it is at this moment in time. And sometimes, money can just downright make us cry.

Why Cry For Money

There are many reasons why money, this simple piece of paper, can make us cry. In fact, it appears to be the leading cause of stress in relationships and consequent break-up’s. Having enough of it can decide whether or not we are able to make our monthly bill payments or put food on our table for our family. How much we have, or appear to have, is the measurement of success in our nation, and many others for that matter.

So it makes sense that it makes us cry. If we see other people working just as hard, or not nearly as hard, and making more than us it can be downright devastating. We compare ourselves to others in the financial realm. We all want to make more of it because we feel that it will make us happier. In reality, there seems to be an invisible line at $75k per year that denotes happiness, according to a study performed by Princeton University and published in Time Magazine.

The long and short of the study says that the further away from the happiness benchmark of $75k, the unhappier you are. But once the benchmark is crossed, it doesn’t appear to have any direct correlation to a person’s level of happiness at all. Therefore, the goal should really be around $75k, and if money is still making you cry then it’s time to reevaluate your expenses, as well as other things that may be affecting your emotional state of well being.

Money and Business

A lot of us are continually seeking more money due to the increased cost of things, or being too far below the aforementioned benchmark. We either find new jobs, which can be hard to come by sometimes, or embark on side hustles. Keep in mind though, that side hustles can take up time and sometimes be just as demanding as a full time job, so there are pro’s and con’s to increasing your income made by taking on a side hustle or two.

On an episode of Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary said “Don’t cry for money, as it never cries for you.” He is certainly correct in that fact! He was referring to creating a business out of a passion. If you don’t have a passion for what you do and are only in it for the money, then the money will be hard to come by. This is very sound logic but some that a lot of budding entrepreneurs forget.

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As a small business owner myself, among a whole host of us, it is true that the money follows that which you are passionate about. Now this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any hard work that has to be put into a small business, or even a large business, on the front end to make it succeed. Getting a business started, no matter how large the plans, requires a ton of work on the front end.

According to Forbes, the number one predictor in the success of a person is creativity, which includes a passion for learning and what they love. Once you put your creativity and passion into play, that is the beginning of success and the subsequent money that follows.

No More Crying

The takeaway is that if you want to be successful in business, you have to engage your passion and creativity. Keep an open network and never stop learning. Think outside of your box and surround yourself with people who have had a lot of life experiences, as they bring different perspectives to the table. Once you implement all of these things, the money will come. It may take time and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but it will happen. And then there will be no need to cry over money anymore, because it certainly never cried for you!

What have your experiences been with implementing your passions in the business world and was there a direct correlation with success and money?

Never Cry about money as it never cries for you

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  1. O couldn’t agree with you more. Creativity is a key factor to the success of a business. Being the first or close to the first to use a new source to promote our business is invaluable.

  2. No more crying. I think one that is important in this financial journey is commitment because when we are committed to something, it encourages us to carry on to achieve financial goals one day.

  3. The title is very captivating, don’t cry for money because money doesn’t cry for you…but what if you are creative and passionate but don’t have an adequate channel to put energy into? This thought often crosses my mind.

    1. You can always find an adequate channel to put your passion and time into. You just have to search a little longer for it.