Amazon Coupons – How to Quickly Clip and Save

Amazon CouponsSome of the more popular posts on Wealth Bytes have to deal with shopping and saving money. Specifically, shopping and saving money at Amazon. I make no qualms about my passion for saving money at Amazon. I enjoy shopping on their site and really enjoy getting my stuff delivered within two days with my Amazon Prime membership. No matter if you like shopping at Amazon or not, you can’t deny they are the largest online retailer around, especially in the US. Though Amazon might not always be the cheapest price, they make up for those prices with awesome customer service and a selection of products like none other. When you have an account, you have access to millions of products at your fingertips. Within a few clicks, you can get everything you need. I’ve written about different aspects of Amazon, such as their outlet section, warehouse deals, prime membership, subscribe and save, Amazon Mom, and even their price matching. Today, I’m going to discuss Amazon coupons, which are super simple to use and only save you money!

What are Amazon Coupons?

Amazon doesn’t provide coupons for every purchase, like other sites do, such as 20% off your next order. Those just don’t really happen often. While you can get a cash back offer through sites like Ebates, where you can get 3% to 5% back on select categories, don’t waste your time looking to save on your entire order. You might be spending more time than it’s worth!

Amazon coupons is a section of their site dedicated to coupons just for select products. These are generally coupons for well-known brands and can also be with food from their Prime Pantry offering. These are one-click, instant activation coupons which are ready to use once you click them. The site will put you on the product page and allow you to use that coupon right then and there. Amazon does break out the categories of their coupons to help you find what you want in a category you want. They also list some of their most popular coupons for you to clip on a wide variety of products. These coupons change often, so you never know what you can find.

Most of the Amazon coupons are for big brands, just like you can expect from the grocery store or in your local newspaper. Big brands offer more coupons because they tend to have bigger marketing budgets and profit margins. This allows them to do more aggressive discounting than other, smaller retailers. When you want to save money on Amazon, then their coupon section should be where you look first. This is especially true if you use subscribe and save.

How to Find Amazon Coupons

If you want to find the coupons, then Amazon makes it pretty easy. All you need to do is head over to their coupon section. This is where all of the instant clip coupons are located. If you’re on the site looking for something else, then you can do it with a few clicks.

1. On any page, look at the top of Amazon, right under the search bar. You should see a link called “Today’s Deals”

Amazon Today's Deals link

2. Once you click the “Today’s Deals” link, then you will see another menu bar with “Coupons” in it. Click the coupons.

Amazon Coupons link

3. Navigate around the coupons page for what you need. The category tree is on the left and you can see the most popular coupons right at the top.

Amazon Coupons page

4. Enjoy the savings.

If you like to just type in addresses in your browser window, then put in and it will direct you to the right coupons page. Easy, right?

This is just a quick guide for those who enjoy shopping at Amazon and want to use some coupons. Amazon doesn’t hide them, but knowledge is power. If you need to save money at Amazon, then using their coupons is going to be a good choice. You can also check out my 5 little known ways to save money at to see if you’re maximizing the opportunities.

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  1. Michelle @fitisthenewpoor says:

    I love browsing “Deals of the Day” for Amazon coupons. I recently got 15% off on a stroller cover that I had been eying forever. It’s such a common misconception that Amazon doesn’t provide good deals… they just don’t advertise it as well!