7 Apps That Will Save You Money at Amazon

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7 Apps that will save you money at Amazon

Finding Amazon discounts is almost like the “Holy Grail” for most online shoppers. While you can save money with their daily deals or signing up for Subscribe and Save, you have to look pretty hard sometimes to find additional savings opportunities. Amazon is so large and are elusive with their extra savings, it can become difficult squeezing just a little more savings out of their system.

Now, you can use a variety of apps that can save you money at Amazon before or after your next purchase.

Save Money at Amazon Before You Shop

We’re big fans of shopping at Amazon. The convenience, price, and customer service are all great reasons to shop there. Having said that, we’re also fans of saving money! We want to save as much money on every purchase we make online, no matter if it’s Amazon or another store. It’s one of the main reasons why we created our huge list of the top ways to save money at Amazon.

Before you checkout, you should consider some of these apps to ensure you are getting the best price each and every time!


If you do not have to purchase immediately and can wait to pay a lower price, CamelCamelCamel tracks the prices of over 18 million Amazon product listings. You tell CamelCamelCamel what products you want to buy and they will send you an alert when the price drops.

Since prices regularly fluctuate with many Amazon products, you can also view the price change history for these same products as well to look for any trends.

CamelCamelCamel is free and also includes a Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser extension that allow you to track prices at any time. And, they even allow you to synchronize your wish list to make price tracking easy!


If you don’t shop with a cash back app, you should strongly consider it. Ebates is one of the few apps that allows you to save money at Amazon before you make a purchase. While Ebates while typically give you cash back at most online retailers, you can only get cash back at select spending categories such as clothing, lawn and garden, watches, etc. when you activate a shopping session through Ebates.

Ebates also has a section on their website dedicated to Amazon coupons and promo codes as well that can allow you to save up to 70% on select items.

As a new Ebates user, you can also receive a $10 cash bonus after making your first purchase!


Another cash back app that can help you save money is Honey. This app will scan the product prices of third-party Amazon vendors and notify you when they spot a potential savings opportunity. Honey does this by placing an orange button next to the Amazon price and will mention how much you can save by buying from the other merchant.

Honey can also save you money by automatically entering any discount codes into the checkout screen to find additional savings. Discount codes can also be submitted at a host of other online stores including your favorite pizza chain or your favorite clothing retailer. And they even offer cash back when you buy select items as well.

Honey is free to use and you can also redeem your cash back rewards for Amazon gift cards.

Amazon Coupons

One final way to save money before you shop at Amazon is to browse the Amazon Coupons section. Just like the coupons you might receive in the Sunday newspaper, they are product specific. If you are looking for a coupon to buy a new razor, it might have to be a Gillette Fusion razor instead of just any Gillette razor for example.

If you aren’t picky, these digital coupons can save you a few dollars each time you make a purchase as there over 7,000 coupons to browse in every Amazon spending category. To help you locate the best deals quickly, you can enter the names of specific brands or products into the search field. Or, you can browse by spending category as well.

Save Money at Amazon After You Shop

While you might have been familiar with a few of the apps on how to save money at Amazon before you complete your purchase, it is also possible to get money back after your items have already arrived.


Paribus can save you money at Amazon in two different ways. The first way is by monitoring the prices of products you recently purchased. If the price drops within the price adjustment period, Paribus will automatically submit a price adjustment claim and you will receive the price difference minus a 25% success fee.

The second way Paribus can save you money is with shipping refunds. If you paid for guaranteed shipping and your package arrives late, Paribus will automatically submit a refund request for the shipping charges.

If you shop at other major online retailers, Paribus can also work to file price adjustment claims at over 30 online retailers by monitoring your purchase receipts that you receive by e-mail.

You can see a full Paribus review here.

Trim Financial Manager

Another program you can consider is Trim. Like Paribus, Trim Financial Manager will connect to your Amazon account and file price adjustment claims when product prices drop. They do not submit shipping credit requests for late package deliveries like Paribus does.

You might also consider Trim if you need help managing your subscriptions. Trim will analyze your spending habits and provide you with a list of all the subscriptions you currently pay for like Netflix or Hulu streaming plans, insurance premiums, and your gym membership. If you want to cancel a subscription you just text them the service you want to cancel and they will do it free.

Also, if you shop with a Visa credit card, Trim will also send you digital offers each week to help you save money when you shop, dine, or buy groceries. Plus, you can get a $10 bonus cash back reward when you make your first grocery store purchase with Trim.

Find out all the ways you can save money with Trim.

ShopTracker App

A final way to save money is with Harris Poll Online’s ShopTracker App. You can earn $3 a month or $36 a year by sharing your Amazon purchases with the app. All private information such as your name, shipping address, and payment information is not shared with ShopTracker. The only information they access is the order number, order date, and items ordered.


Saving money with Amazon can be real easy with any of these apps. Especially the “set it and forget it” ones that work to get you cash back after you have already completed the purchase. It can be real easy to think you need to pay the current price that Amazon is charging, however, it can be easy to save money in more ways than one with the help of apps.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. We use the Amazon subscribe and save quite a bit at my household. It definitely saves money on stuff we regularly buy like diapers and soap, and the best part of it is that all of it delivers to our door step!