How You Can Get Rich Quick – The Truth Of Making Fast Cash

How to get rich quick, the real truthSo, you want to know how to get rich quick?  Doesn’t everyone!  I wanted to write this to show you how you can get rich quick and live the life you have always wanted.  You might love those late night infomercials telling you that if you buy their book or course, they will show you how to make so much money that it will be mind boggling and life changing.  The only problem is that those people are the only ones getting rich quick. You are paying for their course and odds are you will never make a dime.  It’s the honest truth my friends! So, since I like helping others, I decided to provide you with the true way to make a lot of money and it isn’t going to cost you anything.  Yep, you don’t have to send me any money.  You can if you want though. Just contact me for more information ;)!

How To Get Rich Quick

Alright, I want you to sit down, grab a notepad, and then get ready.  I am going to reveal how you can make money fast.  There is no course involved, not book to buy, no audio CD to put in.  Nothing.  You will learn all of the steps here without filling in your credit card information and offering up your first born child.  I like giving away freebies, so this should be no different.


Here we go…..

You WON’T Get Rich Quick

Wait a minute!  Didn’t you just say that you were going to tell us how to make a ton of money?

Why, yes I did.  Unfortunately, the get rich quick dream is just a pipe dream.  It almost never happens and the ones that sell you the dream are the ones that are going to get rich.

Yes, it is true.  99% of people will  never get rich quickly or rich at all.  The only real time it can happen is if you win the lottery, but that is not quick.  That is just a gamble that will payoff for only a select few individuals.  I don’t recommend it.

Stop trying to learn how to make money fast.  It just doesn’t happen.  Why?

Making money requires work, usually a lot of it.  It also requires time.  If you want to make money, then how about working hard for it?

You might tell me about the millionaires from Facebook and other internet start-up companies that made money fast.  Guess what?  They certainly did not make money fast.  You usually don’t see how much time it takes to create a business, product, or service.  It can take months or years to build up something that can have any glimmer of success.  It doesn’t happen overnight. You might notice it overnight, but that is not how it really happens.

If you want to have your money making money for you, then try investing.  I recommend Scottrade and Motif Investing as a great way to start.  I use both and recommend them to everyone. You can read my Scottrade review and Motif Investing review for more information!

Expand Your Skills and Knowledge

Do you see that there?  Expanding your knowledge and skills are the real way to make money.  Will you do it quickly?  No.  The one thing that you will find out is that if you increase your knowledge-base and skill set, then you will most likely succeed in life.  You will make more money in the long run and you will have a better life.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is far more productive.

Check out sites like Udemy, which have courses upon courses for you to learn. I took coding courses through the site and that has lead to me quitting my job and working on my own business. It can happen and expanding your knowledge is the way to do it.

hard work versus luckStop Following The Pipe Dream

Getting rich quickly is everyone’s dream, right?  Unfortunately, when you wake up, you probably won’t be rich.  My recommendation is to stop chasing this dream.  Stop buying products from other people selling this dream.  You are wasting your money and time.  There is no point.  You are doing yourself no favors.  Wasting time on this dream is just like wasting money.  You want to make money, not waste it, right?

I realize that this post is not showing you how to get rich quick at all.  It is because that really doesn’t happen in reality.  We can all dream, but if you want to make money, then try working hard at it.  Hard work and ingenuity always wins in the end.  You can still work hard while being efficient.  Remember the old saying, “work smarter, not harder“?  When you work smarter and harder, then you can accomplish more things and make more money.  You can then have money work for you.  That should be your dream.  Now, I’m not saying you can’t get rich over time. Just don’t focus on it being quick. You won’t make millions overnight or in a week.  You’re not Warren Buffett! If you want to make money, here are some simple ways to start earning and they are legitimate. You can also take a look over all our making money articles to find something that works for you.

Try Getting Rich Carefully

So, if you came here looking for the real way to make money fast and get rich quick, then I am sorry to disappoint.  I remember some times in college when I was looking for the same thing.  I bought quite a few courses and books in order to make money in real estate or selling items for others.  Unfortunately, they all require a lot of time and you are not guaranteed to make any money.  I only fed more money into the pockets of the person selling the course or book.  I won’t make that mistake again.  Over the years, I have found that my hard work has rewarded me 50 times more than me trying to game the system.  When you work smarter and harder, you will certainly be rewarded in the end!

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  1. Grayson, I remember asking my dad growing up why he didn’t try jobs that I would see where the person would promise “getting rich quick” (I probably saw them in ads on TV). My dad would tell me a lot of the things you talk about above, which was very nice to learn at a young age!

    1. Great article, Grayson. And how true. How refreshing to find someone on this vast internet thingy who admits the only people who are getting rich quickly are the people who are promising others get rich quick schemes.

      The greatest gift we can give is LAUGHTER. Not money. So if you can give laughter, surely that’s worth paying for. ‘Rich’ doesn’t have to be ‘Financially Rich’. Anyway, that’s what I, as the internet’s first Spoof Millionaire thinks, anyway. Like you, I believe we should give advice for free. That’s what I offer a FREE Color of the Week.

      Happy New Year.

      1. Thank you Mike. The one thing I try to do on this site is be honest. Most people will never get rich, let alone quickly. It is just how it is. It is really only the people that have the drive, determination, or can come up with an idea they can sell to others. Happy New Year to yourself Mike!

  2. Good words. I definitely have started to realize that working smarter is the absolute key to building long-term wealth. So many people work way too hard for way too little (with no chance of increasing that income) or expect to work very little and still get rich, despite not working smart. Writing down goals and how you will get there can help you stay in the realm of reality.

  3. Thanks, Grayson, for laying it on the line here. We’ve found the same thing as far as paying off debt is concerned: slow and steady wins the race. Using the strategies above may not be the WOW people are looking for, but it still has the same fantastic results – winning!

    1. That is also true Laurie. If you are running around trying to get rich quick, then you probably will never make as much as people just keeping steady.

  4. Shoot! I was looking to buy some CD to tell me how I could make it big time with no effort. 😉 Seriously though, good post. Slow and steady wins the race…and some hard work doesn’t hurt matters either. I was just talking to my Dad last night about this very topic. A good friend of my brother is always trying to cook up some get rich quick scheme…the kicker is that he is a Ph.D. It just goes to show you that book smarts doesn’t always translate into being financially wise.

    1. I can certainly sell you a CD John. I don’t think you will like it, but it is a CD none-the-less.

  5. if you want to get rich quick – you have to do it again and again.
    if you want to get rich slowly – you do it only the once.

  6. I love this post! There are so many get rick quick scams out there that so many people fall prey to. I love the comment right above me by getrickwithme….I like the doing it only once option! See ya around!

    1. Thanks Joshua. The get rich quick industry wouldn’t be around if people didn’t buy into them though. That is the sad part.

  7. Girl Meets Debt says:

    Soooooo one more time? I can’t get rich quickly? But I was really hoping to pay off that massive student loan tomorrow! Oh well. Hard work will reward me soon too. 😉

  8. This post is a big fat bait and switch 😉 I expect a miracle when I come to DebtRoundup and you failed to deliver.

    1. Ah man. You used the old bait and switch comment on me. Sorry to lure you in and then deliver a striking blow. I won’t do it again Joe!

  9. But I just bought that course to work from home for $99.99…. I am amazed at all the get rich quick schemes out there, but someone must buy them or they wouldn’t be around.

      1. Haha, did they really do it quickly though Sam? They had to create the course and setup the “business” of selling the get rich quick scheme.

    1. I hope it works out for you Kim!! 😉 I could have sold you a work from home kit for only $49.99!

  10. Tara @ Streets Ahead Living says:

    So true! It’s funny how people think there is some magic pill to lose weight or some scheme to get rich quick. It never happens!

    1. Wait, there is no magic pill for weight loss? Damn, back to walking I guess!

  11. What! I thought I’d have the magic formula to get rich quick just by reading this post. I remember in my younger days when I had the pipe dream of making it rich. Hard work and a little bit of luck…that’s what it takes. Slow and steady wins the game. People are too impatient and expect to become rich overnight without making sacrifices and working for it.

    1. You do have the magic formula by reading this post. You now know that you don’t have to buy that crap that promises it. You are richer already.

  12. You nailed it on the head, Grayson. The only people getting rich are the one’s selling the products that “tell” you how to get rick quick. If there was truly a way to get rich quick – we would ALL be rich. 🙂 It always amuses how we hear about the companies or individuals who found success overnight. That’s the PR story – the reality, like you said, is that it took a lot of time and effort to become an overnight success. We so easily forget that and want to jump right to success part. I get it – I feel the same way at times. But I know slow and steady will finish the race. I am mildly disappointed to learn that you had not find the secret to getting rick quick. LOL! Have a great week, Grayson!

    1. You got it so right Shannon. I am not really sure the people that created the course are even “getting rich quick”. They did have to invest time and money to develop and market the course.

  13. Great stuff here Grayson! I wrote a similar post earlier this year about the various get rich quick schemes that people buy into. Of course, these are totally destructive and not worth the time and effort as you pointed out. Funny thing is that post has become one of my all-time best read. It continues to receive 5-10 hits a day. So obviously (and sadly) many people out there believe this stuff and are continuing to search for ways to make it happen.

    1. It just goes to show that people will continue to look for it.

  14. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If there was a way to get rich quickly and easily, then everybody would be rich!

  15. Well said Grayson. It’s a slow and steady race to the top with a lot of hard work on the way. No shortcuts along the way.

  16. Mark Ross says:

    That is so TRUE, most of us will never get rich quick but we could still be rich by doing things that will lead as there slowly but surely.

    1. Right on Mark. You are correct about getting rich quick. That’s why the great site of get rich slowly is around.

  17. Grayson!
    Great post! Generating income take work and you are right, it isn’t a quick program. Slow and steady wins the race 🙂 Thanks again Grayson!

    Karla Twomey

  18. “When you work smarter and harder, then you can accomplish more things and make more money. You can then have money work for you. That should be your dream.” Well said Grayson! Most people (including myself) are generally lazy. We all want something for nothing. Marketers know this, and they capitalize on this truth by creating ads that appeals to our greed.

    1. Thanks Paul. Yes, marketers know this, including myself. I understand that people want this dream. Now, I just have to figure out how to sell it to them.

  19. I am disappointed. I was so excited reading about how I could get rich overnight and nothing! So again back to the rat race. )

    1. Haha, sorry to disappoint Martin. No magic formula here!

  20. Thanks for speaking the truth Grayson!! I agree to make anything pay takes hard work, time and commitment! I’ve been suckered into a few scams in the past – I’ve not wasted too much money but I’ve definitely wasted time.

    1. I have also been suckered in when I was in college and I won’t go there again.

  21. If people would use the time and energy they spend trying to get rich on building something that would actually generate an income, they could be so much farther ahead financially. When you think about it, most likely they spend an equal amount of time chasing money as it would take to build something that produces an income.

  22. charles@gettingarichlife says:

    I’ve lost a lot more money when I’ve tried for the fast buck. My most profitable trades have all been long term investments. Compounding is incredible after 10+ years of consistent investing, not a few months.

    1. Great comment Charles. You are correct about compounding. Nothing can beat it!

      1. terry smith says:

        Im a single father who works on oil riggs have you any jobs of been laid offevery 6 month my son desereves more just a punt why not

  23. Great post, as always. One thing to remember, nothing worthwhile comes easy. It’s always better to work hard for something great that will last than just sit and wait for something good that works at the moment.

  24. I really enjoyed your post! This is true, I don’t think I will wake up rich tomorrow (I wish!) and I will most likely have to work long and hard to earn good money. Even then, I may never be rich.

    PS: While reading your post, I kept thinking about one of my old friends who married a super rich guy (as in millions and millions of pounds) 3 months after meeting him. They’ve been together for over 10 years now. So I guess there is an exception to every rule. PPS: I’m not jealous at all, I’m just saying 😛

    1. Thanks Eva. I appreciate your comment. There are always exceptions to the rule, but they are just exceptions. They are rare.

  25. Where did you get the statistic of “99% of people will never get rich quickly or rich at all.”?
    What do you consider “rich”? What do you consider “quick”?

    1. It is more of a comment about the top 1%, who control most of the wealth in the US. The US government considers you rich when you make $400,000 or more a year. Most people will never see that per year and many won’t see it in their lifetime. When people search for get rich quick, they generally want to get rich now, in a day, in a week, in a month. They don’t want to wait for years. That is generally what get rich quick means.

  26. Chad@thstockmarketandi says:

    Agreed on the “expand your knowledge” piece. The best way people can make more money is to enrich their skill sets and then branch off into jobs or endeavors that have a chance earning more income.

    1. If you don’t expand your knowledge, then you can’t expect to do anything beyond what you are doing now.

  27. This was a good post and it so true. If there was a real get rich quick scheme, then everyone would be doing it. Anyone who says differently is most likely lying. Best to stick to the tried and true tenants of finance.

  28. Bobby @ Making Money Fast and Slow says:

    Obviously the risk is unbearable, but one way is to leverage yourself like crazy and buy a bunch of stock options. If you’re very lucky, you’ll become very rich very quickly. Jon, my blog partner, actually paid off $12,000 of his student debt by buying call options, but then again, he’s savvy at investing. Most people would lose everything.

    1. While you can get rich investing in the stock market, most people will never achieve that. Getting rich quickly in the stock market is very hard to do and the risk is extremely great. Most people that want to get rich quick are ones that don’t have a lot or any money to spare.

  29. Its like the good old story about the tortoise and the hare! Investing or money making is very similar, Slow and steady will often fare a better outcome than the cocky and impatient!

  30. Levi @ Wealthnote says:

    Not looking to get rich, but would love to have financial independence. Financial independence isn’t something that comes quickly either but I can see the progress I am making and given enough time it will happen.

  31. Emma airo says:

    I want to become rich!

    1. Good for you. Find some ways to achieve that goal. It won’t happy overnight.

  32. Angie Waites says:

    Great article! Loved it! Still smiling! Thank you for the laugh!

  33. There is one way to get rich quick- Rob a bank!! its that easy. Just try not to get killed in the process!!

  34. Robert Walker says:

    I read your article for at first I though it would show me ways how to get rich quickly. Upon reading the first few lines, I said to myself “Oh Man? What are you talking about? Seriously?”. The first few lines are opposing your title, so I read on just to find out why you have that. Good thing I was able to continue reading your post for it made me realize that you are right. Indeed, nothing comes easy in terms of getting rich quickly. Thank you for that eye opener. I have to work hard and double my effort if I want to become rich soon.

  35. Ellen Chedid says:

    I love this post, Grayson. It really frustrates me at the amount of people that fall for these get-rich-quick schemes hoping that it’s going to be their golden ticket. I think that when people actually begin to accept that road to success take patience, time, dedications and work is when they will truly begin their journey. Getting sucked into these false promises that one get get rich overnight is just a dead end cycle. Thank you for sharing this 🙂