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My Favorite Resources

Here are a few tools which I currently use and love. No matter what I’m doing with my money, I have these tools bookmarked in my web browser and my logins are setup in my LastPass! I couldn’t do what I do without these awesome tools, so I want to share them with you. As I come across new ones, I will be happy to share them and make sure you can get good use out of them.

I use and Recommend Personal Capital

Personal Capital

This has become my favorite tool as of late. It’s similar to, but gives you more detailed information about your investments. It’s also free, but it doesn’t have a ton of ads or products to suggest. In fact, it has none of those. I love this company and Personal Capital has actually changed my financial life for the better. Check out my epic breakdown of how they stack up against each other. It’s Personal Capital vs.!


BettermentI recommend Betterment

Betterment was my first investing experience. I opened my Roth at Betterment and I’ve been happy with it so far. It’s a great site that allows any one with little experience to get up to speed and start the investing process. They have an awesome interface, great customer service, and it makes everything so smooth. I would recommend Betterment to anyone who wants to jump on the investment train. Read my Betterment review for more information.

Republic WirelessRepublic Wireless

I test out a lot of Wireless services to see which ones are good and bad. I was impressed by Republic Wireless. They offer plans starting at $5 per month. Their model is very different from other carriers, but their service is great and they have a 30-day money back guarantee! Check out my Republic Wireless review for more information.

Digit logoDigit

This is my new favorite way to save money. Why? It’s completely automated and based on my spending habits. Digit hooks into your main checking account and analyzes your spending, bills, and income. It then understands when you’re paid, when you spend, and how much you have left over. It’s one of the coolest (and free) savings methods I’ve ever seen!

I use and recommend EbatesEbates

Earning cash back when I shop is something I always thought was just fantasy until I came across Ebates. I use this site anytime I shop online. Seriously, every time I shop online, I go through Ebates. This free cash back site allows you to find coupons and earn as much as 40% cash back when you shop through their partners. Since they are the biggest, they have nearly 3,000 partners. I’ve not found a time when they didn’t have the store I needed. You just sign up, find the store on Ebates, then click a link and you’re earning cash back. They even have a free browser add-in that makes the process even easier.