10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Men Under $35!

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

The holiday season is in fully swing my friends and the money will be flowing right from our paychecks to the retailers cash registers.  So many people spend a lot of money during the holidays.  I think the last estimate I noticed was people will be spending on average $800 for Christmas gifts this year!  Haha, not me!  I never spend that much, except when I bought my wife a nice Canon digital camera.  Other than that, my average is around $150 to $200.  Remember, I have a wife, a son, and 5 nieces and nephews.  As a family, we have decided to not give Christmas gifts to everyone. We pick one name and that’s how we do it!  We also pick names for the kids, so as a family, we don’t have to spend a ton of money on Christmas gifts. It really saves money. We also only have a budget of about $25 per gift to keep the costs low. I like this method of gift giving, especially when the family gets bigger.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Since I know the readers of this blog aren’t going to want to spend an arm and a leg on holiday gifts, I thought I would share some potential Christmas gift ideas for men, all under $35!  I could have gone with $20, but who wants some crappy trinkets form the dollar store?  Not me! Without further ado, here are some good gift ideas for men under $35!
Tool Logic Credit Card Companion

Tool Logic Credit Card Companion

Oh yeah, this is something that I want!  I love being prepared and having tools with me when I need them. What’s better than having some tools with you in your wallet!  Tool Logic created the credit card companion which essentially has eight tools in a credit card form.  You get a knife, bottle opener, can opener, compass, magnifying lens, a rule, toothpick, and tweezers. The best part is this gift is under $20 and would be a great stocking stuffer!

Handyman Work Gloves

Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

I’m a huge fan of DIY!  I do it almost every weekend. I work on my home, my cars, and anything else people need assistance with. It’s a little hobby of mine.  Either way, having a good pair of working gloves is essential.  There are a few times when I don’t need gloves on, but I would rather have them to offer some grip and protection than not.  You can score these flex grip gloves for under $10!  Nice little addition to a working mans equipment stash.

Zombie Hot Sauce Gift Set

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Basket Set

Hmmm…Hot Sauce!  If you husband, brother, or male friend loves some hot sauce, then get this Zombie Cajun basket!  You will get 4 sauces that might blow the top off their taste buds.  This hot sauce is from Louisiana and since I was just there, I know they love their sauce.  They like it hot and sometimes unbearable.  Not only do you get four hot sauce bottles ranging from hot to holy sh*t, but you also get a free Zombies book!  You can get this gift set for about $25!

Meat Shredder Claws

Pulled Pork Shredder Claws for Meat

My affinity for barbecue is bordering the obsessive.  I live in NC and we even have a barbecue map to help you get the best pork all across the state. I love it. Beyond eating it, I also enjoy cooking it.  I shred my barbecue, not chop it, so when I found these shredder claws, I had to put them on this list.  No matter if you love barbecue pork, chicken, or beef, you can shred them with ease.  They have awesome ratings and cost less than $15!

Golf ball ice cubes

19th Hole Ice Golf Ball Mold

I just picked up golf about a year ago. I got some clubs and enjoyed it. I didn’t go out this year due to my busy schedule, but I still enjoy it. I know many guys who love golf, also bordering on the obsessive like my barbecue!  Since golf is pretty much over in the winter, except for the die hard fans, where do men turn who just need some golf in their life?  How about golf ball shaped ice cubes, complete with dimples?  Ah yes, drinking some quality beverages next to a fire with some golf ball ice cubes in your glass.  What’s better?  How about a price tag around $25?

guitar pick punch

Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Maker

Have a musician in your family?  Does a man in your life love to strum the guitar by the fire place on a cold winter’s night?  Well, that turned a little creepy. Sorry for the visual!  No matter where a man likes to strum his guitar, why not give him the ability to create his own picks?  Guitar picks are essential, unless you are a finger picker.  This cool guitar pick punch allows any musician to punch out a variety of guitar picks depending on his mood. This Christmas, let him make his own picks for less than $25!

Cards against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

This game is just awesome and men just get it. I’ve had a number of weekends with friends playing this game. To say you will laugh is an understatement. This would be a great gift for any man who has a sense of humor (mostly twisted). This can be a stocking stuffer or just a gift under the tree. Card games like this are a great way to use a present over and over again. The best part is this game comes in at a price tag of only $25 and it has many add on card packs to keep the game interesting. Seriously, try this game!

Exofficio boxers

ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxers

Ewww!  Why would you put underwear on this list?  Well my friends, we all wear it (most of us anyway), so why not?  The best part is these boxers are the best out there.  They are the most comfortable boxers a man can wear.  They come in form fitting and loose, along with a variety of colors.  These are all that I own.  The reason?  They rock!  These are awesome for regular days, but they perform the best when used outdoors.  They dry quickly, but still give you whatever underwear protection you can get from cotton.  Seriously, pick these up!  The prices range depending on size from $16 to $30 per pair!

Apollo Tools Kit

Apollo Precision Tools Household Tool Kit, 53-Piece

Every man should have a tool kit for the house, home, apartment, condo, or wherever you want to call your living space.  It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know how to use them.  Tools are essential to fixing anything.  Unless you have the appendages of a primate, you should have some tools.  The best part about this tool kit is the price. You can get 53 tools (or pieces) for only $23. If you someone you know doesn’t have any tools, get this kit. It will be a great Christmas gift.

SanDisk USB Flash Drive

SanDisk 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This could be an excellent gift for both a student or working professional.  Flash drives are great ways to store data and take them with you anywhere.  These are excellent options for students going back after the holiday season.  SanDisk makes a quality flash drive and this one can hold 64GB.  Just to remind you of the days when flash drives could only hold about 128MB of data and how we have compact ones holding 64GB of data. That is an improvement. The best part is the price. You can hold 64GB of data for only $19!  That’s right.  You are only paying $0.29 per GB of storage!


So, what do you think of these gift ideas? They are not crazy, but practical and can work for a variety of men. I choose to use Christmas as a way to get together with family and friends and enjoy some much-needed time off, but since we do celebrate each other with gifts, why not be frugal about it? My Christmas budget is not $600, but much less, so these are some good ideas.

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  1. Emily @ JohnJaneDoe says:

    Yeah, I think the hubby is getting both the credit card companion and the barbecue claws. I can always use more manly suggestions. Thanks Grayson!

  2. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says:

    I love these 10 ideas Grayson. I am actually giving my father a tool kit or a flash drive.

  3. I will add that USB in my gifts I am giving to my husband this Christmas. Nice list Grayson!