Good News Capital One 360 Members, You Can Deposit Cash!

Capital One 360 LogoI received an email yesterday from Capital One 360.  Since I’m a member and have a checking and savings account with them, I was happy to see this change.  Capital One 360 has been going through some changes, but they are making it a little better now.

You Can Now Deposit Cash at Capital One ATMs!

That’s right!  It used to be a pain to deposit money into Capital One 360, especially cash.  I always just did electronic transfers from my other bank account, but now they are upping the ante.  Now, they do say you can only deposit cash at some Capital One ATMs, but at the end of 2014, you will be able to do it at all which accept deposits.  I believe this feature provides a little more for those on the fence about Capital One 360.  Capital One currently has 2,000 branded ATMs, so you will be able to deposit your hard-earned cash at those which accept deposits.

If you have been thinking about Capital One 360,  make sure to check out my review to see if it is the right fit. I have been a member for some time and I like both the checking and savings accounts.  I think you will as well. They have competitive rates and good customer service.  This cash deposit news is just an added bonus.


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  1. Melanie @ My Alternate Life says:

    That’s great news! I am also a customer but haven’t received that email yet. It seems like their check depositing is getting faster too. I love the targeted savings accounts and goal features, but was frustrated that my checks over $200 were taking FOREVER to deposit. It seems to have sped up a bit. But also, I don’t have checking account fees, so I need to keep that in mind.

    1. I thought it was great news as well. I am sure many customers will be happy about this.

  2. Ben Luthi says:

    I’m excited for this as well! I’ve never cared too much about not being able to deposit cash because I rarely deal with it, but we’ve been getting a lot lately, so it’s nice to know there’s a place to put it!

    1. Well, congrats on getting a lot of cash. That is a good problem to have. I am sure Capital One customers will be happy with this change.

  3. Tina Frisch says:

    FYI, currently, no ATM’s in my area taking cash deposits. This has just been verified by one of the CSR’S I spoke with at Capital One 360. I reside in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area in Florida. Hopefully, this changes soon, and this info is helpful!

    1. Thank you for confirming this information Tina. I know they are slowly rolling this feature out. They hit the larger cities first, so who knows when they will push for more cities to accept cash deposits.

  4. I cannot find an ATM in my area that takes deposits. I will keep trying. The website shows ATMs in my area but the ones I have checked do not take deposits.

    1. Thanks for the information Debbie. Have you tried calling them and asking? You might also want to pass along the information that you see the ATMs, but they don’t take deposits. That’s a problem in my book.

  5. Hi – I like you love my 360 account but this is the biggest drawback of having a bank account without a local branch nearby. It’s 2016 now and per Cap360 you should be able to deposit your cash via atm’s hosted by cardtronics ( I had misunderstood the 7-11 location because we have one of those every three feet or so lol but luckily 7-11 isn’t the only place to find these atm’s — they are hosted at some Rite-Aid’s, Walgreens and other locations which are usually of the same sort of store. If you don’t happen to have a pc and you’re reading this you can find Allpoint app to help you locate the atm’s as well though that is what I used the first time I ever was in dire need of getting some cash into my account and it was their listing of 7-11 which was incorrect however as is life, I’m sure atm’s are ever changing too. I hope this helps out some. I realize this was posted a good while back but I was on the prowl this time to find a way to get all my little prepaid debit cards empty somehow which are through bank of america and the lottery we have here. Once you get down to a few dollars its truly just a pain because I have like 4 or 5 cards with a whopping total of about 20$ and for each card we get we have to set up separately and they can’t be tied in together so after that we have to hook up our bank accounts to transfer the money out however the wonderful catch is it takes days to get the linked accounts then after that you have to wait for everything to clear (the transfer/the withdraw and 0 balance) before you can close out the account to THEN do it all over again with the next 2.00 and some change cards…it’s truly one of those charlie brown moments where (aaaaarrrrrrghhhh) is an appropriate response lol. IF anyone knows a better way to get through this hurdle let me know because I sure would love to stop the madness it’s putting me through! Have a great day/night whichever it may be for you! Good luck with the info I’ve passed on hope it helps!

  6. I live in California. There are TWO places in the entire state that take deposits. One in San Francisco, and hour and a half away, and the other in Los Angeles…8 hours south. This DOES make me want to close my accounts with 360, because each and every time I get cash, I have no means of depositing it here as I have only the one account with them. No others. I’m trying to avoid fees for checking…opening ANOTHER checking account at ANOTHER bank is redundant (and costs money) to make a deposit at one’s actual bank. Ish! Capital one needs to get it together where the west coast is concerned. Not being able to deposit cash is a HUGE issue.

  7. Damon R. Salinas says:

    Can I purchase a money order and then deposit that? I am over a 100 miles from an ATM accepting cash.

  8. Signed up for 360 checking only to find the atm’s that accept deposits only exist in a few states, and not mine. What a waste of time. They make it seem like they have allpoint atms everywhere, based on their online and in app map…. none take deposits!!! Just got off the phone with customer service and they confirmed: they have nothing in Ohio that allows cash deposit. What a waste of time.

  9. Denise Wheaton says:

    As far as I can tell, the only ways to deposit cash are via a brick and mortar bank or to convert cash to a money order or certified check and then convert. I thought I’d found the answer at Capital One, but it doesn’t look like it based on the comments I’m seeing. I’ve checked USAA, Ally and Capital One so far and I’ve googled as much as I can and I keep finding the same answers. This makes no sense. If banks want to be internet only they need to figure out how to provide the same services as a brick and mortar bank. This is the only reason I haven’t given up my Wells Fargo account.

  10. I use Ally and I have 2 workarounds for cash. I opened an American Express Bluebird account and opted for the free checks (don’t know if they are still free), I deposit cash at a walmart for free, write out the bluebird check – you have to put an authorization on the check and it comes right out of your account and then you mobile deposit that to Ally.

    Option 2 is I get a money order and mail it to the bank.

    the reason I did not go with Cap 1 is because it does not look like you can mail in money order and there is no AT< according to their listing that takes cash –even though they have a cap 1 bank in my city. Go figure!