Boost Mobile Review – My Thoughts After Testing the Service

Boost Mobile has been doing a lot of national advertising lately, but their reviews aren’t that great to be honest. If you’re looking for a new mobile phone service, I’d suggest you check out Republic Wireless or Cricket Wireless as good options.

Boost Mobile logoI have been reviewing cell phone providers for a long time, longer than this blog has been around.  I have a few “test” phones around my house just for this purpose.  The reason I do it is because I got really tired of paying inflated prices on the big networks. I had Verizon for a long time and just accepted their prices. They do have one of the best networks around, but you pay a premium for it.  I was never mad at their service, just their prices.  I broke up with Verizon nearly two  years ago and have since been on a mission to try my hand at other networks.  Today, I am going to provide you with my Boost Mobile review.  People have contacted me asking about Boost Mobile, so I knew it was time.  If you are in the market for a new cell phone plan, then check out my other mobile service reviews and a running list of providers.  Anyway, if you have interest in Boost Mobile, sit back and read on!

The quality and service from Boost has declined over the past few months. If you’d like a good plan that doesn’t cost a lot, then I’d recommend Republic Wireless or Cricket Wireless. While you do have to buy a phone from them, they provide a 30-day money back guarantee on both the phone and service. I use Republic and love it. Read over my Republic Wireless review.

Boost Mobile – The Basics

Boost Mobile is a MVNO cell service provider using the Sprint network.  By MVNO, I basically mean they are selling you sprint service, but at a lower price.  Boost Mobile is a prepaid service. This means you are paying for the month ahead.  When you sign up for the first time and make your payment, you are paying for service for that month.  The next payment you make, you are paying for service for that month. You are prepaying for your service.  If you don’t pay, you don’t get service.  Prepaid services used to get a bad reputation, but I have been using them for some time and they work great.  I am currently on Cricket Wireless and have had no problems at all.  The large nationwide carriers, including Sprint, are what they call post-paid.  You pay for the service and data you used the prior month.  You pay for your service after you receive it.

Anyway, Boost Mobile offers Sprint coverage with both 3G and 4G speeds.  When I tried it out, I was able to get 4G speeds in my area.  We have good Sprint coverage near us, so this worked out.  If you don’t get good Sprint coverage, then Boost Mobile would not be a good fit for you.  As a reminder, Sprint is working hard on expanding their 4G and 4G LTE service nationwide. They do have some work to do, but they are getting there.  As their network expands, the data speeds get faster on Boost Mobile.

You will never sign a contract or have any annual commitments with Boost Mobile. You pay for the service and if you want to move on, then that is what you do. There is nothing tying you to their service.  Many people are getting tired of annual contracts and early termination fees.  Who wants to spend $300+ to terminate a contract if the service sucks?  I hate contracts and that’s why we left the big carriers.

New Boost Mobile Plans

Boost Mobile Plans

I’m sure this is something you have wanted to know about.  What about the Boost Mobile calling plans?  Well, they have both monthly plans and daily plans.  Most, if not all, of my readers will be interested in the monthly plans, but I will go over both.  Boost Mobile currently offers three monthly plans to choose from. They are currently starting at $40 per month.

Boost Mobile is offering new lower prices and increased data for a limited time. Their lowest plan is now starting at $35 and they have doubled the data for all their plans. Remember, this is for a limited time!

  • $40/Month Plan – With this plan you get unlimited talk, text, and data.  You also get 500mb of high speed data which is 3G/4G speeds.  Once you hit that mark, you will be throttled down to 2G speeds, which is almost unusable.  If you are not a big data user, this might be a good plan for you.
  • $50/Month Plan – You get unlimited talk, text, and data.  Your high speed data allotment is increased to 2.5GB, which is a good amount.  Once you go over the 2.5GB, then you will pushed down to 2G speeds.
  • $60/Month Plan – Just as the others, you get the unlimited talk, text, and data.  Instead of 2.5GB, you are increased to 5GB of 3G/4G speeds.

Sprint does have a nationwide network of 3G and 4G speeds, but make sure to check the coverage map to see if you are going to be covered.

Since I said they have daily plans, here are the two they currently have.

  • $2/Day Plan – This plan is for those with a basic phone (not a smartphone) and just want to pay for days they use the service. It costs $2 per day and you get unlimited talk, text, and data, along with voicemail, call waiting, long distance, and call forwarding.
  • $3/Day Plan – This is the same plan as the $2, but it’s reserved for those with smartphones.  So, if you only use your phone a few days a month, then this could be a good plan.  You get all the same features, unlimited everything, for just $3 per day.

Boost Mobile Phones

Boost Mobile offers, at this time, 44 phones to choose from.  They mostly have Android and Apple phones, but there are a few basic phones in the mix.  They don’t currently offer a “bring your own device” program.  They apparently used to, but there was more hassle from it.  The only devices they allow to bring on their network are ones purchased through Sprint.  [lightbox full=”” title=”Approved Sprint Phones”]Here is the current list of approved Sprint phones[/lightbox].  This makes sense, but I know a lot of people, like myself, just like to keep their phone and move networks.  This is not possible on Boost Mobile.  They do offers some web-only discounts and some deals on good phones, but you do have to buy them from Boost Mobile.  Here is a list of some of the better phones they currently have to purchase.

  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S 5
  • LG Realm
  • LG Volt
  • Apple iPhone 5s
  • Apple iPhone 5c
  • Motorola Moto G
  • Apple iPhone 4s
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • LG Optimus F7

Once you pick a phone and a plan, then you will go through the checkout process and get the phone shipped to you.  They offer free shipping on their phones. You can activate your service once you get your phone.

Shop Boost Mobile Phones

How to Activate Your Boost Mobile Service

If you don’t buy the Boost Mobile service in one of their stores, then you will have to activate it online.  They make it fairly easy to do so. Since Boost Mobile is using CDMA, they have a form online which will help you get it activated.  To activate your Boost Mobile service, you will need to get the ESN or MEID number off the phone. Most of them are labeled underneath the battery when you take it out. If you have a phone with an enclosed battery which can’t be removed, then you will need to power up the phone, then go find the settings area and get the information from there.

You are allowed to bring your phone number to Boost mobile.  In order for them to port your number over, you will have to get your phone number, account  number, account or billing PIN, your name and address, along with your social security number (only required if your other carrier required it).  If you don’t know your billing PIN, then make sure to ask your current carrier. Some of them, like Walmart Family Mobile, make it hard to find this information.  Make sure to gather all of this information before you start the Boost Mobile process.

I have heard there are issues in some cases where Boost Mobile can’t port over your number from your previous Sprint account. To see if you can, please call Boost Mobile customer care at 1-866-402-7366.

If you are getting a new number, then the process is much easier.  When you are activating your service, Boost Mobile will give you a list of available numbers in your area code and you can choose.

My Overall Impression of Boost Mobile

I tried Boost Mobile’s service for about two months in order to test it. I had seen a lot of advertisements for them and I see their stores around my area. Since I have a Moto G LTE, I decided to try their Moto G and the price wasn’t bad.  It made the setup a breeze because I was familiar with the phone already.  I know some people hate Boost Mobile, but I didn’t have a problem with them.  Their service was OK, but not the greatest. I can blame that on Sprint.  Remember, they are using Sprint, so if you have network issues, the backbone is powered by them.  You can blame Boost all you want, but until you realize how these MVNO carriers work, you can’t complain about network issues.

I was able to get my phone shipped for free and it was to me in about three days.  I went online, got a new number, and had the phone functioning in about 20 minutes.  There was no hassle at all.  I did call Boost Mobile once just to gauge their customer service effectiveness.  I was waiting for a rep for about five minutes, but then they were able to answer my made up questions pretty easily. Since I didn’t have any real technical issues, I couldn’t pry them on that.

If you are looking for a service which will be reliable day in and day out, I wouldn’t recommend Sprint or Boost Mobile.  This really all depends on where you live.  If you live in a big city which has good Sprint coverage, then you will be fine.  If you live in a rural area with little to no coverage, then don’t get it.  There are other services out there and I have tried most of them.  In the end, Boost Mobile was good for me.  It worked when I needed it and the phone was good.  I could easily pay for my service on their website and didn’t have technical issues. I’m not saying those won’t happen, but they didn’t for me in the two months I was testing them.

All in all, I hope this Boost Mobile review helps you decide if you want to give them a shot.  Since they have stores, you can go in and sign up with no issues. They have good phones, but some can be pricey.  Remember, these prepaid services don’t offer use discounts on phones.  Since they aren’t locking you in on annual contracts, they can’t afford that pricing model.  The money you save every month will more than pay for the phone with a few months.  Just do the math!

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    1. Well, that is a Sprint problem. If you live in a rural area, then Verizon or AT&T are going to be your only choices.

      1. I live in rural southern Mississippi. Have been with boost mobile since before they become the nationwide company they are now. Service quality is excellent for me. I first got boost in Daytona Florida way back somewhere between 02-04 I think 2003 it was….. I have lived in Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and New Jersey due tontraveling for work. I have never had issues that I always hear other people having. Sprint/boost mobile has been an excellent choice for me that has saved me thousands over the years vs other carriers. I currently have 3 lines all totally unlimited including unthrottled unlimited LTE service for myself, an my mother here in Mississippi and. At the moment my wife’s line is in new Jersey. Total cost is 115 per month for all 3 lines with unlimited usage… By unlimited I do mean unlimited!! Last month racked up 862 gigs of data on my wife’s line and 771 gigs on my line using the tether to run our smart tv’s streaming services

  1. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says:

    Nice review on boost mobile. I am actually looking for a plan for Samsung Note 4, but some provider haven’t listed it yet in our area. By the way, I have signed up on Boost Mobile. Still waiting for the right time.

  2. BewareofSprintboost says:

    I needed a phone asap, i pulled into boost, bought an LG phone & paid the $55.00 for unlimited use. After leaving, i was back Within minutes. I couldnt make a call…..They said the Towers are down. What could i do, i left. 48 hrs later, same problems but multiplied. Text would arrive in jumbled order. Sent texts would arrive in multiples, in jumbled order. Calls dropped, over & over. I went back, to store, they now blamed it on LG. What could i do, i left. Ditto on all of the above, either NO Service, or worthless service. I stopped in other stores, Guess what they said? Yep, The towers are down. For 2 wks, ita either the towers are down, or its the LG phone YOU bought. Then i look into sprint closer. It appears that this has been Sprints MANTRA For Years, “The Towers. are Down”

    1. Sorry to hear about your issues with them. It can be hit or miss when you get a service like Boost. I had no problems when I was trying it out for the post.

      1. Boost victim says:

        I switched to boost mobile 6 gig plan the phone used 500 mb a day by itself. I was out of data in less than a week stay away from boost

  3. Say i buy an iphone 6 from boost, if i dont like the service, can I go to a different one using the same phone? Are they locked only to sprint?

    1. When you buy a phone for use on the Sprint network, then you can only use it on other networks that use CMDA. I don’t know of the others that use Sprint, but I can find out. The list is much smaller than the ones that use AT&T and T-Mobile (GSM).

  4. Recently went with boost mobile I got a good deal on a fone and opted for there reboost plan. 30dollars month 2GB data unlimited talk n text autopay.
    Customer Service was good answered all my questions and got right thru.. Connection is good and calls are clear.. Not much more I can say plus I like the phone for 35.00 plus 30 monthly plan I think I did good surprisingly..

  5. Alyssia cook says:

    My boostmobile Device iphone 4s everytime i try To call someone it beeps three times then hangs Up, do you know how i can fix this problem?

  6. amber nicole says:

    yas i shopped at pace blvd the customer service sucked the cashier nICOLE WAS NO HELP AND MY PHONE DOES NOT WORK

    1. where is that boost store?

  7. I have boost mobile… After countless tries to get a real answer from the well trained robots that give the same excuse time after time, I’ve kept every single name of reps and every private message. When they asked on Facebook… How can we help you… Send a private message… I return the kept private message from a rep… No response. Sprint yes is their “parent” tower but they run off another signal. Not sprint signal. 4 g runs on 2…had it tested… Law suit? It has now been brought to my attention on Facebook that they have blocked me from commenting any further to get the other upset customers how I didn’t get the right scoop either. Signal suck, they suggested me to sit by a window. Reeealy… Boost mobile is not all that. Even to put fule to the fire, my mother was rushed into er for heart. Never got the message till next afternoon… Ya,, I’d like to write a review… Smdh

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve started to hear some real stories about them for sure. Not good Boost!

  8. Boost Mobile can be awesome at times. I mean they do have some dropped calls here and there, and they do have data caps. Other than that they’re A okay in my book. I was with them for about 2 years, then I switched to Verizon. Boost Mobile Compared to Verizon though.. lets just say Verizon was soooooooo much cheaper and had waaaaaaay better services. I was bummed out because I found this website afterwards called the Free Minute program, these people just gives away free codes. I think its awesome!!

    Here is the site

  9. Boost is OK in some urban areas where there is a Sprint coverage but in rural areas and smaller towns there is little if any coverage. I am vacationing in western South Dakota and there is zero coverage. I have been without cell service for a week. Even the larger towns do not have coverage out here. Same with western North Carolina. Once I cross the border from Georgia there is no coverage. I spend a couple of weeks in the Fall in North Carolina and unless I get into Asheville I have zero coverage. I basically have to resort to email wherever I can find wi-fi. Forget using Google maps for driving directions too. Frustrating because while I have no coverage everyone around me is chatting on their Verizon and AT&T phones. I guess you get what you pay for.

  10. Paul J. Mancerella says:

    Very unhappy with boost mobile. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BOOST TO ANYBODY. They have no compassion for their customers. Been a boost customer for 2 years,now switching to another…..Do not use boost,u will be very unhappy.

  11. I’ve had Boost for several years and I am not going to switch. I was on an unlimited plan. UNLIMITED!! And they kept sending me messages reading that I went over my unlimited plan!! How one can over a plan that is unlimited has yet to be explained to me by Boost or anyone else! So yeah, not happy with them and switching to Metro PCS which I have heard outstanding things about.

    1. I assume by the rest of the comment that there was a typo in the first sentence? You’re not going to switch to what? Back to Boost?

  12. Angela Ray-Bigelow says:

    Yes! That was a typo and I will be leaving Boost Mobile. You would think they would have some sort of customer loyalty program, but I’ve been with them for almost 9 years! Not to mention when you call Customer Service you can’t reach a live person, but get all of these scripted emails. Yeah. They’ve let their service go big time.

    1. So many don’t care about old customers. They only care about acquiring new ones. This is because of investors and they want to see growth. Same thing happens in the internet/cable market. Loyal customers mean nothing to these companies.

  13. I just order boost 03/13/17 online. After reading all of these comments I feel like I made a huge mistake.

    1. Always test and try for yourself. One person’s experience isn’t all that’s out there. I knew quite a few who love their Boost service.

  14. Thank you Mr. Bell. I’ll give it a shot.

    1. Always make sure you pay attention to their cancellation period and test it thoroughly during that time.

  15. I hope I don’t come across as being dumb. But what do you mean by their cancellation period?

    1. The period of time you can cancel the service and get a refund on it and the phone.

  16. james Pierson says:

    Mr Bell are you sure Boost does not have 4G LTE service?

  17. james Pierson says:

    I’m thinking of leaving Metro (which has given me excellent service but can’t provide more than 8 Gig of hotspot) and move to boost to try it. They offer 8 Gig for $45 with a free phone and auto pay. Are you sure they have no 4G LTE or is this old blog info? I would be using the phone as a hot spot at least 60% of the time so I need 4g LTE speed and reasonable reliability. I’m in the city in South Florida.

    1. They do have 4GLTE, but only if Sprint has it in your area. So, you are leaving Metro that gives you 8GB to go to Boost to get 8GB?

  18. Denise Fuller says:

    I’ve been shopping for a phone online for a few days and somehow or another my phone number got changed! I never went on line to change my number! I did not even see anything online about getting my number changed, nor would I ever change it, because thiat WAS my business phone! so I would never change my phone number! What ever is going on it’s not something I did! And now you all can’t retrieve my number. I’m done! Not to mention you wouldn’t let me upgrade, because I retuned a phone

    1. You do realize this isn’t Boost Mobile, right? We don’t sell their service, aren’t them, and have no connection with them. You need to redirect your anger toward Boost, not a blog that just has a Boost review. We are NOT Boost Mobile customer service.


  20. Pamela Powell says:

    I have been a loyal customer for almost 6 yrs with Boost from Florida to Indiana and never had a problem till now. After a bad storm I lost service. I waited patiently for 2 days to go to my store location. When I got there I stated that I had no service. My phone would work at the store but not from my home n the neighbouring city. However 2 managers battled with me to convince me it was my phone and that I needed to purchase another phone.I’ve made the purchase and people began reporting the same issue. I go home with the new phone and again no service. When I return to the store they refuse to refund the phone. I requested it shut off and they refused. So I’m pushed aside for another customer and witnessed the clerk pull the same game on another young lady. I go home furious. I go back to the store again and again ask for a refund and they refused. I demanded that my phone service to my previous nearly New phone be restored exactly what I had. He did but refused to turn off the new phone. I call customer service and they requested to speak with the manager for my refund and the manager refuses to speak with them. Manager states to me n the store that I came n complaining my phone wasn’t working and I stated no sir ! I came n reporting I had no service and u r still telling me my phone is broken and I’m talking on it. This made him furious that I called him out on his manipulating me. The yelling begins. To shorten my story, here’s what I was put through, Emotional distress, verbal abuse, public humiliation, robbed via scammed, 1/2 tank of gas driving to the store n the next city, over 120 miles on my car, kicked out of the store and told not to come back in the store, so many calls to customer service to count, and combined 4 hrs sitting n my hot car trying to solve this with customer service. I discovered the same store committed the same scam on many other people. Being n poor health and on disability I’ve literally had the hell beat out of me. These were managers who pulled all this on me and they new better. It’s fraud when u manipulate people out of their money. I’ve placed this n higher hands. This is how they treated this loyal customer.

  21. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Prime phone from Cricket when I moved to Denver in 2014. I have had no problems with Cricket Service and have been happy until the last 2-4 months. It seems I am missing calls from numerous people trying to call me. The phone will not ring on my end. The caller will go directly to a recorded announcement that claims, “The person you are trying to reach does not have a voice mailbox that has been set up yet”. That is not true as my VM is indeed setup. So I am never notified of the missed call and cannot receive the voicemail from those callers. It is inconsistent as sometimes those same callers are able to reach me and other times they are not. I also encounter this same issue when I go to call other people. We have no problem texting one another, just problems getting calls to complete the proper direct connection. I have called Cricket “Customer Service” 5 times in the last 6 weeks. Each time they’re a joke. They claim they will start a “problem report” for their tech agents to address and get back to me in 3-5 business days, but never resolve the problem, never get back to me, and when I call them back and go through 10 minutes of prompts and finally get a live person (in some country outside the USA) I am told they do not have the “problem report” verification number that they previously provide me. I am very disappointed in their poor customer service provision in solving this problem. I will look for another carrier provider, but will I have to buy a new phone again or can I use my current Cricket bought Galaxy Prime with another provider or not? THanks.!

  22. FIrst of all i just want to say congratulations (i read the about the author section at the end of the article)on your success…unfortunately debt (especially of a significant amount) is not too uncommon nowadays.Glad to hear you managed to escape from debts grips and that you are now a thriving entreprenuer. Plus thank you for the service you provide to the public with regards to your reviews. I myself was a former verizon customer…paid up the nose for their service. Even went without any cell service for almost a year. I’m from rural nothern NJ(but not too far from NY metro area)..Then about a year ago i got boost mobile….the phone is an lg g stylo (lower priced but larger screen android phone) and i have the unlimited plan…paying $50 per mo (was $60 per mo when i started) the service was good for like 30 days…then the calls started getting dropped and my mobileinternet service was here and there. When it was working was the slow 3G at best (rarely did i get LTE) Then earlier this year again i had to go without service for a few months (some tough financial times) got it back again in april..since then i had pretty much constant LTE service…calls not getting dropped…though voice clarity is still an issue (could be the phone itself not sure)…so all in all as of late boost mobile has been pretty okay…i myself don’t want to tell anyone nay or yay on getting boost as i’m not sure if individual experiences vary. Will say that my experience with customer service at boost mobile was not sterling at all…long wait times and then pretty much no help and no action from customer service and i am kind of ashamed to say that the representatives didn’t always speak in a way that was shall we say easily understandable (and i am multi lingual) to be as p.c. about it as i can.

    1. Thanks for your feedback on Boost Mobile Robert. I hear the customer service has always been hit or miss and it seems to be the case for most MVNOs. They can’t afford good customer service people for the price they charge.

  23. Joseph G> Scarfo says:

    Dear Mr. Grayson Bell, I have been with Straight Talk for almost 10 years & thinking of Switching over the Boost Mobile. After Reading the Bad Reviews, I have sec. thought. I have a friend of mine, that have Boost Moblile for over 7 years & he Like it a lot! He told me to go with Boost Mobile all the way. I was Reading the Reviews on Straight Talk Wireless & it’s so Bad!!!!! I kinda think that they All Bad. I had Purchased a New ZTE Max Dou LTE & wind up to be defective! send it to Straight Talk Wireless & send me a Brand New ZTE Max Duo LTE same model with the Same Problems!!!! I passed the 15 days return policy from Walmart therefore Straight Talk willl not Help. But to Telll me to buy a New Phone. After I spent $150. on it. I had to Put a Stop payment from Walmart Mastercard. Very Bad Business for someone that been with Straight Talk for 10 Years

    1. You’re going to have issues at all of these places. My suggestion would be to try Cricket Wireless if you have it. My wife is still on them (I’m with Republic) and we’ve had a great experience with them. No issues and the data has worked well and moving to them was easy.

    2. I’ve had Boost for 4 months and since far so good. I get excellent service. My phone works great so I hope this continues.

  24. Boost is very dishonest and deceptive, purchased unlimited plan and have data caps trying to extort me to purchase upgraded plan, cannot trust your judgement anymore

  25. WORST SERVICE BOTH in each Boost office & staff … & horrible in private use. Boost office staff are incompetent, not able to answer all questions/interest well or don’t want to … & are VERY argumentative. Went to TWO (2) different offices, both the same. TERRIBLE!! Went back to cancel service the next day & this guy refused to allow us to cancel nor refund our money THO the service didn’t function for us at all in our areas.

  26. Heather Hussey says:

    I hope no one ever goes to the boost store in big lots plaza in Eustis Florida. They took money out of my account for a phone i don’t have. When i went back to have them give me my money back the nasty girl employee said it will take 3 days for real it didn’t take 3 days for to get my money. She treated me like shit she was so rude and nasty. I have been with boost for 12 years time to change. Get better employees whom like there job.

  27. I have been trying to talk to a live person for days. I tried all options on the automated customer service line. No success. I called some of the local stores and they claim they cannot talk to a live person. By far, this company has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced.

  28. Jerry Wells says:

    I need help getting through to Boostmobile…. I ordered a phone from them not knowing it was for sprint only. It was delivered Oct 2nd the day i left on a trip and I returned Oct 11th. It was then I realize the mistake and called their customer service and tried to return the phone. They refused to take the phone back because of a 7 day return policy. I have my boarding passes showing that we could not have received the phones at that time and we are within the 7 day return.

    How do I get to a person that might be sympathetic to my situation? It does not seem fair to me since I have done nothing with the phone and have the box ready to return for credit.

  29. Grayson what year did you create this blog?

  30. SANDY COOPER says:

    Boost mobile it sucks I had them for four months could not make that internet work .And their customer service nobody speaks english. But straight talk works good in my area and that’s funny .Because I’m 4miles from a boost mobile tower

  31. the worst service and liers from local boost stores I have ever had! I was “PROMISED” wifi calling On my $55 plan NOT TRUE, promise TERERING on my $55 plan Not True What f Up loser second rate service! NEVER BUY! It used to be used by El Golfo for Border to Border MEX/US drug/people… when t hey had the walki talki feature and when I transferd from METRO PCS I lost all my rate and SERVIICE by a lying or uneducated sasquatch mobile dealer Everett WA They do not know me however I plan a nationwide problem with their service via social media. adwords and word of mouth. I am in a position to spend a few dollars online to create the truth

  32. MARY REIDLER says:

    U need to update boost mobile info. They now let u bring uour phone and i saw some other changes.

  33. BOOST SUCKS!!!

    No data at ALL (including MMS and picture messages and navigation capabilities) during our vacation!!! Because since 12 miles outside our metro area, it was “ROAMING” and the option to turn on data roaming is not allowed by them to be turned on. NOBODY TOLD ME THIS WHEN I SIGNED UP. 1/4 SERVICE FOR FULL PRICE!!!!

  34. what a bunch of complainers. grayson you have a great attitude. i wish you well.

  35. Boost Mobile is not what it used to be.I had boost years ago when I live in New York then I moved to Florida and at first couldn’t find a Boost Store until I started seeing Boost Stores being opened in my area I was jumping for joy.I got a unbelievable deal 5 lines for 100 bucks my phone started damaging and I needed to get a new so I went to the store to buy a phone,an iphone 6 plus to be exact that I saw on Boost Mobile online Store for that price but when I got to the store it was a different story first I had to deal with some rep with a bad attitude and he said “Oh there’s no price comparison”We don’t compare online prices with store prices which I think is was BS.Then when you look at the phones they have to choose which are not much and besides they are old they price them ridiculously and you can’t upgrade until you are a year in that company.Is overall crap,you only get 8 gigs of hotspot that goes quick,the internet at times slows down and sometimes doesn’t load a page.Also you can search the web while you on a call like you can do with other carriers and the representatives plint blank lie to you about it saying that yes you can search the web while on a call.I would never recommend Boost.What I would start reccomending is for the people to stay away from this company because you will never get a new phone for cheap and all their phones are old and expensive.

  36. Amanda Pender says:

    I have a ZTE phone through boost mobile and my service is excuse my French it ain’t $@€?. My phone service keeps freezing up, it has a mind of its own at a certain time of the day my service shuts down can’t call out use internet when messaging the page just disappear OMG don’t be playing games on your phone you have to unfreeze the game wait 15 minutes then turn power off then maybe just maybe you can start where you left off.. And that’s a big maybe. Every 20 minutes you have to clean the phone my phone say it’s running hot but it’s really not. I’m so dam fed up with this dang gone phone service. I thought it was the phone but after reading every one’s review I now know it’s the service. So my question is where can one go to get their boost phone and services switched over to another carrier. Meaning do they have a removable chip ? I have switched from 4 different carriers looking for great deals and service I have quite a few phones.
    What can I do please help me somebody anybody….
    Thanks you guys. #looking for great deals&services without spending a lot of ?

  37. I only had my phone for 2 months and it’s been running hot since now I have been getting the run around from the store and warranty department. Warranty department want me to pay to send it in but with my line of work I have to have my phone I done did the customer care email no progress now if something happens with this phone running hot I am suing this is ridiculous and unsafe I don’t have free money to get another phone this problem has nothing to do with me now someone need to do something..boost mobile is about to see the ugly side of me

  38. susan metcalf says:

    Boost is a terrible company! we bought a iPhone for my mother in law and she is dying and can no longer use it. I called to see if I could have it unlocked. They told me they couldn’t unlock it because it had not been 12 months. What is the point and paying all that money for a phone you cant use as you want. Also when I called they put me on hold forever then where very rude and very unhelpful. So now my daughter has to wait two months before she can have a phone. I refuse to pay for this stupid company who makes you buy a phone out right but you don’t actually own it.

  39. I’ve been with Boost for about 3yrs. It was great till mid June 2018. Now I het lost calls disruptive 4G and text. Service is lousy now and I’m still paying the same for this bad service. Looking for another service provider now.