7 Easy Ways to Make Money In One Day

Everyone’s looking to make extra money, but never sure how to do it. While there are no “get rich quick” methods where, you can actually make extra money in one day. I’ve done it and the extra cash helped me pay off my debt faster. So, what are you doing today?

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Making more money in just one day

Let’s be honest for a moment here. Everyone wants to know how to make more money and usually quickly. While there are no get rich quick scenarios out that, there are legitimate ways to earn some more money in just one day. It’s not fake or out there. With a little bit of setup, you really can earn some money today and we’ve put together a few such ways to do it. I’ve used many of these methods to earn money in one or two days (especially on the weekends). You just have to willing to try it.

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For some, it might be difficult to take a little time away during the week to pursue money making opportunities, but the weekend is an awesome time. You have two days to get your act together and find some paying gigs out there. The quickest wins are going to be those in your local area helping real people (not focusing online). If you have good internet access and some will power, you can earn money in a day doing some things for others.

I’ve talked with so many who think you can’t make a little extra money here and there, but that’s just false. If you have the knowledge (going to be dropped below), then you can take a few moments of your time to focus on how to earn more money in just a day. Take an hour away from the TV and focus on improving your financial situation. Do you know how much you can make when you just turn the TV off? It could be substantial!

If you have some free time this weekend or a day during the week, then here are seven simple ways you can make money in one day. Why not take a few moments of your time to see if they are viable and put a little extra money in your pocket?

Love Websites? Get Paid to Test Them!

Did you know you can make money testing websites? It’s true and it does’t take a lot of effort.  In fact, you earn $10 for 20 minutes of your time. That means you can bring in $30 an hour if you get a lot of opportunities. What’s the catch? Well, you need to sign up to be a tester at Usertesting.com.

There are a lot of testers on this site due to the amount they pay. I’ve been a user tester for a number of years and they pay on time through Paypal.  It’s free to sign up. You have to either use your computer or your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to take tests. You have to go over a sample test and answer questions. They will verify your answers and then you answer a demographics survey. This will match you with potential testing gigs.

If you have a popular demographic and you provide valuable feedback in your test, then you could get quite a few opportunities. You have to jump on them fast though. Try it out and you could earn some cash by the end of the weekend.

Take a Few Surveys

You might be shaking your head at me with this one, but people really do make money by taking surveys online. It’s true and I’ve done it myself. You just have to be careful of the sites you use. There are some out there trying to take you for a ride.

If you have some free time, like sitting in front of the TV watching your favorite show, you can also be taking surveys online to earn a little extra money. No matter what day, time, or even place, you can earn real money with surveys.

The key point about survey taking is not all of them will pay (you have to qualify) and you should only ever use a survey company that doesn’t ask for money to use their service. Seriously, don’t pay any money to be a part of a survey company. Those are scams!

The two best companies to use are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. These are the quickest to get started and easy to earn money. If you’re bored today, why not earn a little cash while you sit there?

Search the Gigs Section of Craigslist

This is one I’ve used before and the quickest way to earn extra money on the side.  Seriously, I paid off my massive debt using Craigslist to earn money when I had free time.

On Craigslist, there’s a “gigs” section near the bottom. This is usually reserved for one-time jobs that people will pay you for. Some people ask for help with landscaping or hauling off junk to the trash. Whatever it is, you can find it on Craigslist. Jump on there in a city near you and see what’s available.

Many things pop up right before the weekend and on Saturday once people start doing their weekend chores. I’ve helped people move and did some yard work before. Some people pay really well and others do not. Just be selective in what you choose. It’s an easy and free way to find money making opportunities in just one day!

Make money with the Craigslist Gig section

Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

I’m loading up on the Craigslist money making opportunities, but that’s just because it’s a free platform to advertise that has massive reach. I’m sure you’re like me and have some things lying around the house or in the garage that you haven’t touched in some time. Those things might not be of value to you, but you don’t know if that’s the case with those around you. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

I know firsthand that you can earn money quickly with what you think is junk or stuff you don’t mess with anymore. Don’t just toss it in the trash, turn it into cash. Collect your unwanted and disregarded stuff and sell it to your friends and neighbors.

Put on a yard sale and see what you can do. If it’s too late for a yard sale, then put your stuff up on Craigslist and have people come to you and take away you stuff. If I can sell cars on Craigslist, then I can sell almost anything. You never know where you might find a buyer.

You can also put your stuff on eBay if you think it will get some bids. While this option does cost you, it’s not much. You can research before even listing an item on eBay to see if there is a market for it. You never know what you might make, but leaving something on eBay to go through auction could be lucrative.

I once sold an old camera battery I never used and it fetched way more than I expected. I got over $50 for something that I never even used or remembered buying. Not bad!

If you’re not sure what to sell, just look around your house and find the stuff you haven’t touched in a year. If it’s there and you forgot about it, put it on the chopping block. These are excellent ways to make quick cash, but also free up space in your home. Win Win!

Referee Youth Games

This one might require a little bit of time to setup, but I’ve met and heard of quite a few people earning money refereeing youth games. I also know people who earn money keeping track of the scores. My wife used to do this back in college. It was an easy way to earn money and it paid you to sit and watch sports. Oh, the humanity!!

Check around the local parks and recreation areas to see if there are youth leagues that interest you. Some of them have referees, but others might just be looking for one to replace another that didn’t show. Refereeing is pretty easy, but please only do it with a sport you know and understand. It’s only fair to the kids. If you think of this before the weekend, then you might have time to get setup inside a league and become a regular each weekend, earning that money!

Sell Your Skills

The opportunity to sell your skills is out there. If you have any tech skills like coding, website design, server management, or anything else, then you might be able to earn some money with said knowledge.

This money making method will take a little longer than some and might not be as simple as the others, but it’s still not as hard as getting a part-time job. The reason is you need to define what you’re good at, see if there is a market, then apply for jobs in that market.

The two best places to do that are Freelancer.com and Upwork. These are a new freelancers place to be. You can setup a profile on these sites (I recommend doing them all) to show off your skills and qualifications. Websites and businesses are always looking for people to help them out. There are hundreds of opportunities to earn from these sites.

There are requests for all types of things you can do online. You don’t have to be a coder to sell your skills. You just need to know what you do best and see if people are looking for it. If they are, then jump in the market and start earning money on these job boards.

Haul Junk For Your Neighbors

Do you own a truck or have a trailer? Well, have you thought about hauling junk away for your neighbors?  My buddy did this in his small neighborhood and netted $200. He didn’t even ask people to pay him, but was making a dump run and asked around for those who needed stuff junked. That’s a great way to earn some money.

Take advantage of a truck and use it to make money. Hauling junk from your neighborhood might not glamorous, but people are typically willing to pay for their stuff to be removed. It’s less hassle on them and more money for you.

If you want to get creative, you can put up some flyers before the weekend to garner interest in your junk hauling mission. If you have a large neighborhood, you could get quite a few houses which need your services. You can choose to charge or just wait to see if your generosity it rewarded with cash tips!

If you want to earn money in just one day, then you just need to keep your eyes open. The weekend is one of the best times to learn how to earn. More people are out shopping and doing yard work (especially this time of year), so think of things you can provide and get paid for. Making extra money doesn’t have to be hard.

There are typically opportunities right in front of our faces that we seem to skip right past. Slow down, look around, and see what’s around you and pounce on the good ones! Enjoy your weekend and make some extra money!

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  1. These were all great ways to make some extra cash! I have never heard of site testing before but that sounds like an easy and quick way to earn some side money! Hope you had a great MLK weekend!

  2. Love this article. I know people young and old that would love to pick up extra cash. Coming from a family of IT geeks, this would be right up their alley. These suggestions are not just for the young. I know some very talented retired people looking to use their skills.

  3. I never thought that there was a section like that on Craiglist. I’m so excited to try this out to see whether I can earn some income from any of the jobs posted there. Thanks for sharing, Grayson!

  4. aadryanaa says:

    Great tips 🙂 There are many ways one can earn extra cash in their spare time, it’s all about knowing where to look and jumping at the opportunities.

    I live in a small city and often see flyers from people willing to offer their services. They’re willing to do all kinds of activities to earn extra cash, from simple things like helping the elderly grocery shop to tutoring children in math or foreign languages. A friend of mine used to make some extra cash by watering plants for a senior, for instance.

    As long as it’s honest work, extra money always comes in handy!

  5. I need to earn $1,000 by next Monday. Any suggestions on how to earn that much?